A Quickie in Apo Island!

The Pediatrics ward has been really really busy lately. Our census goes really high during the "ber" months. In my station, it's usually just me and an average of 25 patients. So I get so busy from one to the next and back. Don't you think nurses deserve some R & R? Thanks to our supervisor for granting us double off on Tuesday and Wednesday! Yahoo! After night shift, Chiela and I went straight to Apo Island. Ahhh just the break we need and deserve. So if you've got 48 hours to spare, here's a guide for a quick vacay!

1. Ride a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal to Lilo-an Port. Fare P169.00 (approx 3 1/2 hours)
2. Fastcraft to Sibulan, Negros. Fare P62 (approx 20 mins.)
3. Ride a Jeepney (EZ ride) from the port to Dumaguete. Fare P10 (approx 20 mins)
4. Ride a pedicab to the terminal for Zamboanguita. Fare P8.50
5. Ride a jeepney to Malatapay Market. Fare P20 (approx 30 mins)
6. Ride a boat to Apo Island. Fare 2k good for 2-4 persons (approx 30 mins)

We departed from Cebu 10ish am. Here are the fresh faced-walking zombies. FPJ movies on the bus kept me half awake and half asleep. :)
We finally arrived in Apo Island 5ish pm. Yes, we made it! It's good to be back after 8 years! We settled in Ronor's lodging for P500/night with free breakfast. Not bad, huh? Thanks to the lady from Apo island who recommended it. We immediately went swimming until sunset. FYI: There is no electricty in Apo Island. But there is a generator from 6pm-10pm.
We had dinner when electricty came out. The landlady prepared fresh, inihaw na isda which was huge, black and so so. We had to put patis and calamansi to make it tasty. Hehe. We were dead tired after being awake for more than 24 hours. We fell asleep before the lights were out.

We woke up before 6 in the morning, had breakfast (bread, pancit and coffee) then we started climbing to the lighthouse. Of course, being fit and healthy, my knees were shaking and I was sweating like a pig. After 315 steps, we reached a grassy field. Then we didn't know where to go. There was no person around. Oh, I wish the goat could speak and lead us the way. So, we decided to go back. The walk down was easier though.

We registered at the Apo Island Protected Landscape/Seascape Office. Entrance Fee P25. Snorkeling P35. Life Vest P100. *Tip: Tell them you're from Dumaguete to avoid extra charge*
We met Kuya Rey and he served as our guide. I was so happy to see tortoise underwater! AMAZING!!! Too bad I didn't have an underwater camera to capture those magnificent creatures. Here's an image from the net.
We had another round of snorkeling at the Marine Sanctuary and it was just AWESOME!!! The corals are so alive and beautiful! Apo Island is also famous for their clownfish city. Hello, Nemo! Apo is truly a PARADISE. A little piece of heaven underwater. Aww I'm so grateful to God for creating such beauty! :)

All the walking, swimming and snorkeling made us hungry. We treated ourselves with a sumptuous lunch at Apo Island Beach Resort. Time is so slow in Apo Island. If I only I could spend more time there away from all the mortality and morbidity in the ward. What a great breather! :)

Our boatman picked us up at Apo Island around 2pm. And the waves were so strong! We were all soaked when we got to the mainland. If only I knew, I would't have changed into clean and dry clothes and wore my swimsuit instead. Haha. We spent a little time in Dumaguete where we bought some pasalubong from Sans Rival. Then we checked out the boulevard. Yayish, much? Haha.

We were back in Cebu City 9ish pm on Wednesday. I'm still feeling itchy from all the jellyfish sting and whatever bit me underwater. But it's all worth it!!! The bites will go away and Apo Island will always have a special place in my heart. Pasok sa top 3 ko! :)