Singapore lah!

Last weekend, Daut and I went to Singapore, lah. Second of many, lah. Oh lalala! Haha. When you're in Singapore, just remember to add the word "lah" in every english sentence! :)

Singapore is a very small country and with its flawless transportation system and MRT, going around did not present much of a problem. We met up with my cousin Ate Roscelle and Daut's cousin, Ate Darling. From the airport, we proceeded to Hougang Ave. where Ate Roscelle lives. I noticed that most Singaporeans live in high rise residential buildings. We have condominiums in the Philippines but it costs a fortune!

After unpacking, we went to Suntec City where we embarked our Duck Tour. Great fun riding the amphibious vehicle a.k.a. "duck" on land and on sea. The hour long journey circulated around Singapore's Civic district, running past the Padang, City Hall building, War Memorial and the Victoria theater. My favorite part was the splashdown to the Singapore river adjoining the Marina Bay. Gotta take a photo with the merlion. As an added bonus, the view of the sunset was amazing! Oh how I love watching sunsets fade away! <3
Afterwards, we went aboard the 540 feet Singapore flyer for a breathtaking 360 panoramic view of the City. It is said to be the largest observation wheel in the world. Just before boarding, we experienced an interactive gallery called "the Journey of dreams" that provides a deeper appreciation of Singapore and the iconic Singapore flyer.

The ride inside the capsule lasted about 30 minutes and we did see the wonderful sights of Singapore. It was absolutely beautiful to see everything light up at night. Our journey of dreams has just begun. :)
After the tour, we were treated to a sumptuous dinner of chicken rice, chilli crabs, fish and Mee Goreng a.k.a. pancit at Makansutra. Singapore is a marvelous place to enjoy food. But it can be expensive and can make up a major cost of our travel expenditure. Thanks to Ate Darling, we were able to pig out some of Singapore's best dishes without burning a hole in our pockets! :)
If you really want to experience local Singapore food at its best, try the hawker centers within the neighborhood. It serves a diversity of Singaporean food at an affordable price. I'll be back for more foodtrips, lah!


Land Below the Wind

From the highest mountain to the deepest jungle. 
See it all in Sabah, the breathtaking "land below the wind"...

Feb 6, 2012
Mt. Kinabalu is the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia and is situated in the Kinabalu National Park. Unfortunately, the 2 day climb would not fit our schedule. And I think I have to prepare myself physically too! I have always wanted to do something different, something breathtaking, something out of the ordinary so I will definitely be back to climb this beautiful mountain! :)
Another attraction in the park is the botanical garden being home to myriad species of flora and fauna. We were happy enough to explore the natural beauty in the serene tranquility of the park.

Caution: I get grumpy and irritable when hungry. There's a saying in Spanish: "barriega llena, corazon content" that literally translates to full stomach, happy heart. That's the happy-me below after being fed. Mwahaha. Thanks for putting up with the hungry-me, Dawg! :)
-Taxi to Mt. Kinabalu RM 16pax
-Conservation Fee RM 3
-Botanical garden RM 5
-Lunch RM 13
In the afternoon, we went to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. Too bad, we missed the elephant ride but the animal show was a hit! Proboscis monkeys, orangutans, tigers, bears, ostrich, peacocks are the few of my favorites!

-Bus to KK RM 20pax
-Bus to Wawasan RM 1 pax
-Taxi to Lok Kawi RM 120
-Entrance Fee RM 20pax
We had dinner in Sera Melaka. FYI, they bring you side dishes like peanuts and wet tissues on the table. But be careful if you're on a budget because there is an extra charge for the treats. Good thing, Daut warned me when I was about to eat the peanuts. Haha. Our dinner costs RM 19.50.
We bought some pasalubongs at the Filipino Market. Isn't it ironic to buy there for family and friends in the Philippines? Oh well :)

Feb 7, 2012
Goodbye to the friendly staff of Lavender Lodge. Thank you Ate! We enjoyed our stay!

For our last day in Kota Kinabalu, we had a DIY city tour on foot. We just walked and walked with our backpacks and stopped by interesting spots like the City Waterfront. 

Taxi to Sabah museum from the city costs RM 15. We just took pictures outside the building since we could not afford to spend another RM 15 for the entrance fee inside the museum. There is a heritage village on the museum grounds where you can enter and experience different types of traditional houses similar to those in Mari Mari village.

Near the museum is the Sabah State mosque which is a masterpiece of Islamic architecture and contemporary design. 

Luckily, we were able to ride a bus to the airport and paid only RM 1.50. We spent our remaining money for pasalubongs! 

Terimah Kasih KK! 
I would never mind doing this over and over again! :)