Oh Sweet Siquijor!

Siquijor has been on my bucketlist for the longest time already. I've always wanted to experience the mystical island which has been masked by sorcery and witchcraft. So last Wednesday and Thursday, I went to Siquijor with some of my friends from CCMC. It was our way of destressing from all the beating in the hospital. BUT, I found myself in a different kind of stress when we started our lil adventure. Haha. Chiela, Mandel and Dave were waiting for me inside the bus bound to Liloan, Santander. Just when I arrived in the terminal, the bus left! I had to ride another taxi and catch them. Good thing, the bus driver stopped for awhile and waited for me. Whew! I felt like I was in the Amazing Race. Haha.

After roughly 3 hours plus bus ride, we arrived in Sibulan. Rode a jeepney to Dumaguete proper. Then tricycle to the Port for Siquijor. Here's the schedule of trips for reference. (Deltacraft fare P160 + Terminal Fee P15. Travel Time: 45 mins-1 hour)
6am every Monday
9am daily
1:30pm daily
4:30pm daily

Siquijor to Dumaguete
5:55am daily
12:30pm daily
3pm daily

We arrived in Siquijor around 5:30pm and I tell you..Sunset in Siquijor is BEAUTIFUL! Some of God's awesome creations just can't be captured in photos. But I can try...

We were welcomed by the powdery, white sands and crystal clear water of Siquijor. A lot of tricycle drivers were also waiting for guests to arrive. Kuya Dennis served as our tricycle driver/ tour guide/ photographer. Tour around Siquijor Island cost P1,500 depending on your haggling skills. Kuya Dennis agreed to P1,400 which includes the town of San Juan, Siquijor, Larena, E. Villanueva, Maria. We missed out Lazi. Our first choice for accommodation was Coco Grove but it was too pricey for us. Kuya Dennis showed us a more affordable place to stay but still meet our expectations: air conditioned room-check! shower with heater-check! pool-check! beachfront-check! Charisma Beach Resort was our home for the night. Room Rate P1,250 (2pax). Addtional P350 per person.

After checking in, Kuya Dennis dropped us at Castaways where we had a sumptuous dinner. We had to wait for some time before they served our food but at least it was oh so delish! Total bill = P640 (Good for 4 persons)

There was no tricycle going back to the resort, so we had no other choice but to walk. Ate Jeziel, the owner of the resort said it's just 1km away but it was toooo far. Ate, do we use the same metric system??? Haha.

Tales of witches and sorcerers aside, Siquijor island is a very peaceful province with zero police records of kidnapping, carnapping, etc. That's why we felt safe while walking. But the dogs were barking! Eeerrie.

Back in the resort, we had a few sips of beer (We are no San Mig Light drinkers!) then went night swimming in the pool until almost 10pm. It was time to rest our weary bodies.
The beach was not swimmable when we woke up early in the morning. Hello, Low tide!

We explored other parts of Siquijor after the most important meal of the day. Filipino Breakfast in the resort cost P180/meal (No choice! Hehe)

First stop was Salagdoong Beach Resort. Just an hour away from San Juan. It is tucked in a cove, fine white sand perfect for swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, fooling around and doing the art of nothing! :)

Are you having fun yet? I can stay here all day. But we had to leave and catch the 3pm trip to Dumaguete. Lunch before going back. Total bill = P640 (Good for 5 persons)

Gotta drop by some churches first.

Thank You Lord for blessing us with all the beauty of nature! The trip was short and sweet. We needed the change of scene. What a great breather! So long Siquijor...

Can I just say that Siquijor has the cleanest pier? Seriously, if there was a contest, Siquijor for the win!

The trip back to Cebu was one helluva ride. Attack of the killer buses!!! The driver was driving so fast in a psychotic manner, it nearly made me throw up. Normally, travel time from Dumaguete to Cebu takes about 3 1/2 hours but we made it in less than 3 hours! I hope there will be no more reckless drivers. Please don't ruin my love for long bus rides. I'll see you again, Siquijor. You were magical! Thank you Chiela, Mandel and Dave for making the trip extra fun! :)