Like a boss!

And what better way to spend our last day in Singapore than by spending it over shopping. After all, we had a major score for the budget department, thanks to generous and accommodating cousins!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Bugis is a shopping haven selling everything from knock-off handbags to souvenir shirts to durians. I managed to buy a lil something2x for friends and family.

Of course, Singapore is one of the best places to buy electronics. Everywhere you turn, there's a deal on the latest camera, cellphone, laptop, tv, etc. We tested our bargaining skills at Lucky Plaza.

Daut and I finally gave in. We are now happy (and poor) owners of Iphone 4s and Ipad 2. These gadgets may meaning nothing to others, but for commoners like us, we felt LIKE A BOSS! Mwahaha. We got a huge discount and even got a $100 GST Refund. *tip: always ask for a receipt for the GST refund when buying goods*
But we felt cheated when we bought screen protectors for $100. I didn't realize that's about 3k in Philippine Peso. LIKE A BOBO! Huhu!

Now, several months later, we are still very happy with our purchase! Current game addiction: Hanging with friends. Haha play with?