Kids at heart!

The next stop on our whirlwind tour of Singapore was Sentosa Island. I just couldn't help but feel giddy as Daut and I made our way to Resorts World -- HOOORAYYYY ITS UNIVERSAL STUDIOS DAY!!!
We arrived in Universal Studios 9ish am and did not waste any more time. We went in line for our first ride-TRANSFORMERS. We entered the NEST FACILITY and it sets you in the mood for the mission.
We rode on EVAC, (autobot made for the ride) with our 3d glasses not knowing what to expect. I've never been on anything this AWESOME. And AWESOME being an understatement. The effects were AMAZING!!! No writing can give justice to the thrill of the unexpected twists, turns, bumps, smoke effects and drop near the end of the ride. I genuinely felt like I was with the autobots and decepticons. This one has to be my favorites ride. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

Another attraction in the Sci Fi City zone is the Gallactica. This is a dual roller coaster where both tracks run simultaneously. One is called the "Cylon" where you are underneath the track with legs dangling. This is similar to the roller coaster in star city. The other one is "Human" where you are on top of the track. We opted for the more hardcore, Cylon. The ride made me feel sick, excited, scared and thrilled altogether!

Still feeling dizzy from the Gallactica ride, we proceeded to Ancient Egypt Zone. The main attraction within the zone is the Revenge of the Mummy. The passageway was entertaining with artifacts, artwork about Egypt and the mummy. But honestly, I did not enjoy the ride itself. It was an indoor roller coaster with a lot of backward riding in the dark. I'm usually an adventurous rider but this made me throw up :( I recovered soon enough and took pictures around the beautiful structures. I wish I can go to Egypt someday.

We watched the Wet Live Action at USS Waterworld. And what do you expect? It was WET. SOAKING WET for those sitting on the front rows. 

Hello Far, Far Away. I felt like a princess in the huge life size castle. The main attraction in the zone is the Shrek 4d Adventure. We did see, hear and feel the action right from our seat. At one point, the donkey sneezed at us. Yikes!

We moved on to the Madagascar zone. I like to move it, move it! The crate adventure ride was more laid back. Just what I needed from all the hair raising, ultra high speed roller coasters. We met Alex, the lion, Marty, the zebra, Melman, the giraffe and Gloria the Hippo in person. 

Lights! Camera! Action! Twas an amazing show in the New York zone hosted by Steven Spielberg, appearing on a video projection. The highlight was when the sky darkened and the room was filled with thunder, lightning, pouring rain, strong wind and intense fire until the windows were blown away. *claps*

And finally we ride the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. The ride is very similar to Rio Grande in Enchanted Kingdom. The main difference is that there were hungry dinosaurs and we were on the menu! My favorite part was the thrilling white water drop! 

And that's a rundown of our fun, fun, fun activities in Universal Studios! :) H-A-P-P-Y across our foreheads. 

To end the day, we watched the mesmerizing Songs of the Sea @ Sentosa Island. A not to be missed multi sensory extravaganza. I'm still amazed by the vibrant colors, entertaining music, outburst of flames, lasers, water jets and pyrotechnics.


  1. blogging frenzy much?... same here.. hahahahaha... excited ko for next year ;)

  2. haha documentation. Yeah nag subaybay ko sa blogs nimo :) Alert og seat sale hap. Let's make it happen next year!

  3. Hi Loura,

    It's nice to see you've enjoyed your time in Singapore! Your photos capture the fun and vibrancy of the island. I'd like to seek your permission to use your collage of Songs Of The Sea on my blog, as an illustration of a nail polish inspired by this show, with credit to you and the blog, of course.

    Please feel free to contact me at alacqueredaffair@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you, and your approval!